This show offers some great opportunities to promote your business via both printed advertising and sponsorships. We offer two types of sponsorships for this show:

You can request ring sponsorships and advertising via the Sponsorship Form or via the Summary Sheet.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Sponsor Coordinator.

Terms & Deadlines

To request a ring sponsorship, please fill out the Sponsorship Form or the Summary Sheet. To request a sponsorship, your order (and payment, if the show goes forward) must reach us no later than October 5, 2020.

UPDATE AS OF 9/22: THE SHOW WILL GO ON! Please submit your payment by Monday, October 5, 2020.

The club reserves the right to refuse sponsors without cause. After the Club's Sponsor Coordinator receives a sponsorship request, the Sponsor Coordinator will notify the sponsor whether their sponsorship has been accepted. The Club reserves the right to not accept a sponsorship if another sponsor has an exclusive contract for that given product and/or service. 

A fee of $30.00 plus bank fees will be assessed for any returned checks; such checks must be claimed with cash before the show begins.

If you have sent in your sponsorship request, but have not received an acknowledgement, please contact the Sponsor Coordinator for a status update. 

Ring Sponsors
(All Rings)

Endelosglede Norwegian Forest Cats
Faerietail Manx and Facehuggers Devon Rex

Herus Abyssinians

Kimberly Reinbrecht

Meili Cattery

Mistysprings Manx & Cymrics 

Rainier Savannahs

Ring Sponsors
(Individual Rings)

Czarina Siberians

Daphne MacPherson

Esther Su

GentleTouch Ragdolls (2 rings)

Kassandra Burnham (2 rings)

Karen Fletcher (2 rings) 

Mountain View Maine Coon Cats (2 rings)

MousseeCoons Maine Coons (2 rings)

Woodpile Maine Coons (2 rings)


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